Derby City Police Services is a professional security management company that utilizes sworn police officers in the Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding area.  It is our mission to provide the most professional and qualified security to your business or neighborhood.

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Our company provides well trained law enforcement officers that can not only detect criminal activity but actually address the issues at the time they occur.


DCPS can provide: 

  • Uniformed/Plain clothes officers
  • Marked or unmarked Police Vehicles
  • Patrol
  • Visibility/Presence
  • Daily activities of the officer can be tailored to customers needs
  • After shift activity reports
  • Available 24/7
  • Fully insured             

Derby City Police Services (DCPS) is a locally owned small business whose goal is to ensure that our city and businesses are safe on a daily basis.  DCPS provides off duty sworn Law Enforcement officers with full arrest powers to show a strong presence and deter any criminal activity.  Our company selects only trained professional Law Enforcement officers.  Every officer has over a thousand hours of specialized training in crime detection, prevention, and safety, which sets us apart from the usual security company.

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