Security/Patrol Services

We can provide security services for: office buildings, construction sites, concert and exposition venues, financial institutions, medical facilities, movie theaters, retail and grocery stores, corporate events, etc.  

Personal Protection

Whether you need a bodyguard, home surveillance or security for a wedding or a special event, we can provide a solution.  

Traffic Control

Special events and construction sites may need to manage traffic and/or road closures. We can provide uniformed officers and marked vehicles. 

Employee Terminations

​Threats in the workplace are becoming more common and cause concern and fear for the employees.  We can provide the quick solution of having a police officer on site and create a worry free atmosphere for your employees.

Loss Prevention

Theft is a growing problem with retail businesses and can cause major losses.  Our police officers are qualified and well trained to observe and eliminate theft.

Special Events

Events take a lot of time and coordination in order to be successful.  Using DCPS for your security needs can eliminate the stress and help the event become a success.

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